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Join us for Sunrise Vinyasa Flow, every Tuesday at 6:30am, where we untangle the trauma stored inside you.

This Vinyasa practice is a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity through the mind and body. We introduce a variety of breathing techniques to alleviate anxiety. We will conclude with a guided mediation in Shavasana.

All levels are welcomed, class is slightly heated so be sure to bring water and a towel.

MORE new classes coming soon!

Sunday, 4/28

  Vinyasa Flow/Sip & Shop

  Time: 10am-11am

  Location: SOPH Boutique

  Address: 875 State Road #10, Westport, MA, 02790

Two sale options:

  From 10am-11am

  25% off 5 Classes, limit 1 per client

  From 11am-12pm

  20% off 5 classes, limit 1 per client

*No combing offers*

Be on the look out for new classes coming soon!

Barre 360 and more! More details to be announced.

  Friday 5/31: Our first Advance Night Lounge POPUP

  *Details to be announced*

Get on track to a healthier mind, body and spirit.