Advance Cycling weightsLooking for a strength training focused class? We have options for you! Each of our strength training fitness classes provides you with an effective workout, each with a different style and focus.

ADVANCE BODY 360:  ADVANCE BODY 360 is a dynamic 45 minute workout perfect for all fitness levels. This class is mat based, and incorporates various weights and other equipment (provided by the studio) to provide you with a full body strength training session.


ADVANCE HIIT:  ADVANCE HIIT is a mat based, 30-minute-high intensity interval class. Designed to get your heart rate up and all of your muscles working, this class is fast paced and an efficient full body workout.


BOOTY PUMP: BOOTY PUMP is a 45 minute mat based workout focused on your glutes. This workout utilizes resistance bands and dumbbells to help you grow and strengthen your booty!


Get on track to a healthier mind, body and spirit.